I'm a writer currently based in DC. I'm a contributing editor at World Literature Today and an editorial adviser at The London Magazine. My areas of interest include book reviews, author interviews, art, film, and international politics. My work has been published by The Economist, The Times Literary Supplement, The Guardian, Bust, The Daily Beast, and others.

After growing up in rural Illinois, I studied Political Science at DePaul University (BA 2010) and International Affairs at Washington University in Saint Louis (MA 2013). My area of focus is comparative politics, with emphasis on Iranian domestic politics since 1979. My MA thesis, Iranian Democracy: A Century of Struggle, Setback, and Progress, can be found here. I'm currently a postgraduate at King's College London, where I'm studying Comparative Literature, with an emphasis on women writers in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In my free time, I enjoy bike riding, camping, cooking, and spending time in London's museums and parks. I am passionate about lattes, lemon tarts, and laughing so hard I cry.